Buitenlandse Corr. leden

Buitenlands Corr. lid                  18.10.2003


* Netherlands Border Crossing Mail before 1875


* nationale Vermeil (Veendam 98)
* internationale Grand vermeil (Belgica 2001)
Or (Amphilex 2002)


* Local Netherlands international Mail as from 1851
* The Silver/Paper Money Relations in Denmark
* Letters from Benelux to Switzerland 1817-1834
* How the Memel Taxa was composed of national components
* To the Baltic Area after Riga: How the postage has two Russian components
* The ‘Secret’ Route Hamburg-France 1818-47 (co-auteurs Gordon Hughmark, Detlev Schmidt)
* The “Verschot”-mark on incoming Netherlands mail in 1814
* The deviations over Basel and over Amsterdam for mail from Hamburg to France 1794-1800

Membre Académies Étrangères et/ou Soc. savantes

* Danish Postal History Society
* Norwegian Postal History Society
* Po & Po, BPH, DASV

Fonctions philatéliques

* Trésorier Danish Postal history Society